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Baisakh or बैशाख is a first month of Nepali Calendar. Baisakh month lies between second half of April and first half of May. The public holidays in Baisakh month are Nepali New Year in Baisakh first, Judha Seetal in Baisakh second which is celebrated in Terai and Loktantra diwas in Baisakh 11th. Mothers day in Nepali also lies in the Baisakh Month. Baisakh month consists of either 30 or 31 days. This month lies in the Spring season or Basanta Ritu in Nepali. The weather is hot in Baisakh with rare rainfall. In Baisakh month the popular seasonal fruit and flowers are Rhodorendron (Laligurans) and Bay Berry(Kafal). In this month the fields of farmers are usually covered with potato and wheat farming.