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Seasons of Nepal

There are six seasons in Nepal. Unlike in western countries having Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter season Nepal has additional Pre-winter and Rainy Season.
S.N. Name of Season Nepali Name of Season English Nepali Month English Month
1 Basanta Ritu (बसन्त) Spring Chaitra and Baisakh March/April- April/May
2 Grishma Ritu (ग्रिष्म) Summer Jestha and Ashad May/June - June/July
3 Barsha Ritu, (बर्षा) Rainy Shrawan and Bhadra July/August - August/September
4 Sharad Ritu (शरद) Autumn Ashoj and Kartik September/October - October/November
5 Hemanta Ritu, (हेमन्त) Pre-winter Mangshir and Poush November/December - December/January
6 Shishir Ritu, (शिशिर) Winter Magh and Falgun January/February - February/March

1. Basanta Ritu

Spring Season in Nepali is Basanta Ritu. Basanta Ritu in Nepal is windy and warmer. Chaitra month and Baisakh month lies in the Spring Season. In gregorian calendar second half of March to first half of May month is spring season. In Basanta ritu the farmers fields are mainly covered with potato farming, Maize farming and wheat farming. The flowers starts blossoms in this season. National flower of Nepal Rhodorendron i.e laligurans in Nepali usually blossoms in this season. This season is favorable to visit inside Nepal.

2. Grishma Ritu

Summer season in Nepali is Grishma Ritu. Weather is usually hot in Grishma ritu. Monsoon starts in this season. Nepali months Jestha and Ashad fall under the Summer season. Second half of the May to first half July month of gregorian calendar fall under this season. Farmers prepare farming paddy in this season. This is considered as hottest season in Nepal.

3. Barsha Ritu

Rainy season in Nepali is Barsha Ritu. Weather is still hot in this season with lot of monsoon rain. Nepali months Shrawan and Bhadra falls in this season whereas second half of the july to first half of september falls in this rainy season in Nepal. Farmers are busy in wedding maize and paddy crops during this season. Nepal faces landslides and floods in the hilly and terai regions during this season. Hence, rainy season is not considered as favorable season to visit Nepal.

4. Sharad Ritu

Autumn season in Nepali is Sharad Ritu in Nepali. Autumn season is most wanted season for Nepalese because weather is very cool during these days. Monsoon becomes deactivated and sky go clear during these days. This season is the season of biggest festivals in Nepal i.e. Dashain and Tihar. This is the season when almost many Nepali return their home from foreign countries and cities to their birthplace to celebrate Dashain and Tihar. Some farmers are busy in harvesting rice and potato in this season. Ashow and Kartik are Nepali months that falls in the Sarad ritu. Second half of September to first half of November month falls in this season.

5. Hemanta Ritu

Pre winter season in Nepali is Hemanta Ritu. Mangsir month and Poush month belongs to the hemanta ritu. In this season the cold starts and weather is pretty cold. Mangsir month is considered as the month for harvesting paddy crop. Second half of November month to First half of January month falls in pre winter season.

6. Shishir Ritu

Winter season in Nepali is Shishir ritu. Magh and Falgun month falls under the shishir ritu. In gregorian calendar, it is from second half of january to first half of March month. This is the most cold season of all. The temperature falls to less than zero around the capital city Kathmandu. Festivals like Maghe Shakranti, Falgu purnima etc are celebrated during this season. Farmers are busy in starting to cultivate cash crop potato in this season. People often eat ghee, chaku, laddu, tarul in the festival of Maghe sankranti.