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Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti is the day of birth of Gautam Buddha. Buddha's real name is Siddhartha Gautam. Siddhartha Gautam was born about 543 BC in Kapilvastu of Nepal. Buddha was born in Nepal. Buddha Jayanti is also called as Buddha Purnima. It is the most sacred day in Buddhist calendar. It is considered as most important festival of Buddhist and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The full moon of the month of Baisakh(April-May) has special significance due to birth of Buddha and the day budha attained enlightenment and Nirvana. This three-fold coincidence makes Buddha Purnima significant festival.

How Buddha Purnima is celebrated?

Buddhist Pilgrims come from all over the wold to Bodh Gaya in Nepal to attend the Buddha Purnima celebrations on the birthday of Buddha. This day is marked with prayer meets, sermons on the life of Gautam Buddha, religious discourses, continuous recitation of Buddhist scriptures, group meditation, processions, worship of the statue of Buddha and symposia.

The Mahaboudha temple is decorated with festive look and colorful flags and flowers, On this Holy day, the devotees bathe and wear white cloths. They worship and listens the teachings of Buddha and algo give alms to monks. They eat Kheer or ricepudding on this day and they also share with poor people. Free food and water stalls are installed for needy peoples. In addition animals are also feed in this day.

On this day Birds are freed from cages. Food, fruits and clothes are distributed among the sick and abstinence is observed on eating meat. The Bodhi tree is decorated with garlands and colored flags and lamps, milk and scented waters are sprinkled on its roots. The ritual include prayers, sermons on the Gautam Buddha life, recitation of Buddhist scriptures, meditation by devotees and monks and worship on the Buddha's statue. Buddhists also reaffirm their faith in the five principles called panchsheel. The five principles are:
1. Not take life
2. Not to steal anything
3. Not to speak lie
4. Not to consume liquor or intoxicants
5. Not to commit adultery