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Shahid Diwas

Shahid or Sahid diwas is Martyr day in Nepal. Sahid means the one who is executed or killed while making contributions for the walfare of the country or society.

Martyr's day is celebrated every year on Magh 16(January last week). Shahid Gate is a monument to the martyrs in Kathmandu. It is customary for new Prime Ministers and other officials to visit the monument after taking oaths of office.

First Martyr of Nepal

Lakhan Thapa(1835 - 1877) is considered as the first martyr of Nepal. He was killed because he rebelled against the tyranny of Rana dynasty.

List of Shahid of Nepal

1. Shukraraj Shastri
2. Dharma Bhakta mathema
3. Dasharath Chand
4. Ganga Lal Shrestha
5. Bhimdatta Panta
6. Durgananda Jha
7. Ratna Kumar Bantawa
8. Yagya Bahadur Thapa

Ramhari Sharma, founder of Nepal Praja Parishad, was not given a death sentence because was a Brahmin and is often called as Living Martyr.