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Shree Swathani

Swasthani is the Goddess of hindu who is very much blessing to all her devotees. It is believed that she always fullfills the wishes of all the devotees who worship her with pure heart and full devotion. Goddess Swasthani is believed to sit in the center of Asta Matrika or eight Goddess of power and have four hands carrying chakra, Trishul, sword and lotus. The asta matrika are Mahakali, Baishnavi, Bramhi Maheswari, Kaumeshwari, Barahi, Indrayani and Chamunda. It is also believed that astha matrika is blessing the eight Knots of Daura(Dress of Nepali).

Shreeswathani Brat Katha is a series of stories narated by the Lord Kumar to Agastha Muni(saint). Kumar is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Sicne the story mostly focus itself around the lord Shiva it is also called Skanda Puran. It is a form of prayer to Lord Shiva and his various forms. Shree swasthani brat katha starts from a full moon day of the month of Poush or Magh month i.e. January and goes on the series of 31 chapters for 31 days till next full moon.

How is shree swasthani brat katha performed?

During the lunar month, story of Shree Swasthani mata is recited in households of Nepal. It is a very old tradition. shree swasthani brat katha is written in Nepali Language. Some women take fasting by taking 1 meal per day for whole month. However most people did not fast. Every night people recite the story and worship the shree swasthani maa. Before reciting shree swasthani brat katha book is worshipped with abir, keshari, jau til and flowers, dhup batti and diyo. People prepare prasad and eat at the end of reciting.

It is strongly believed that taking fasting on the name of shree swasthani maa fulfills all the desire and wishes.

Shree swasthani brat katha starts after saint agastha muni asked about the formation of the universe with the Kumar, son of the Lord Shiva and Parvati. Sali nadi, a holy river, in Sankhu is mentioned in the shree swasthani brat katha. So many people visit sali nadi on this month. The story is based on the rescue by Goddess Swasthani to the ones who perform sins and pray and worship her. For eg. the story Sati Devi sufferings and rescue done by shree swasthani from the troubles and sufferings.

The final day of shree swasthani brat katha is performed with special symbolic worships. People paint mahamantra Om in the copper plate and a mud Shiva linga is made in the plate on the om Symbol. Worshipping shiva linga on the final day concludes the shree swasthani brat katha.

Shree swasthani brat katha can be listened from the youtube and websites.