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Udhauli & Ubhauli

Udhauli & Ubhauli is the festival celebrated by Kirat commnity of eastern Nepal. This festival marks the migration of animals and birds to low altitude for the seek of warmthness and rid from winter.

On the day of Marga Shukla Purnima this festival Udhauli and Ubhauli parba is celebrated. On the same day Yomari Punhi of Newars is also celebrated. This day newars jyapus celebrate as the Jyapu Day in Nepal.

Udhauli festival is celebrated by all Kirati people of Nepal. It is believed that from this day the winter season effectively starts and hence to get rid from severe coldness people, animals and birds migrate to warmer regions. Migrating from upper hilly areas to downwards is called Udhauli parba and migrating from lower regions to upper hilly region in Baisakh month is Ubhauli parba. Hence, people migrate two times in a year.

On these day Kirati people perform dance called Sakela along with playing various musical instruments like Dhol, Jhyamta etc.. and wearing "Chhit ko Guneu" by Kirati Women. They also perform Bhumi puja i.e. worship of land in the hope of good cultivation of crops and on the harvest season thanking the god.