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Nepali Unicode Converter

Nepali Unicode Converter is a tool that converts the inputed Roman into Nepali Unicode text format. Nepali Unicode is widely used for the information exchane across the internet. The importance of Nepali Unicode is increasing day by day because of reach of Nepali users of smartphones and computers rapidly. To be able to see the Nepali Unicode the client program need not install the Nepali Fonts, it is itself rendered in the unicode supporting devices. For Nepali Typing, just type the words in the textarea below and as soon as you press the space button the Nepali Unicode converter converts from English to Nepali Unicode text or word.

Definition of Unicode: Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. Developed in conjunction with the Universal Character Set standard and published as The Unicode Standard, the latest version of Unicode contains a repertoire of more than 110,000 characters covering 100 scripts and multiple symbol sets.- Reference:

About Nepali Language: Nepali (नेपाली) or Nepalese is an Indo-Aryan language. It is the official language and de facto lingua franca of Nepal and is also spoken in India, Bhutan and Burma. Nepali has official status in the Indian state of Sikkim and in West Bengal's Darjeeling district.[4] Nepali developed in proximity to a number of Indo-Aryan languages, most notably the Pahari languages and Magahi, and shows Sanskrit influences. However, owing to Nepal's geographical area, it has also been influenced by Tibeto-Burman. Nepali is mainly differentiated from Central Pahari, both in grammar and vocabulary, by Tibeto-Burman idioms owing to close contact with the respective language group. Nepali language shares 40% lexical similarity with Bengali language. British Resident at Kathmandu Brian Houghton Hodgson has observed that it is, in eight-tenths of its vocables, substantially Hindi.

How to Type Nepali Unicode?

ANS: To type Nepali text in unicode online you need to visit the page Place your mouse pointer inside the textarea. Then type the desired text and press space. For example to convert Nepal into equivalent Nepali type Nepal and press space and an application automatically converters Nepal text into नेपाली.