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Nepali Calendar Tools:

You can embed Nepali Calendar Tools in your website. It is very easy to embed the Nepali Calendar plugins or addons we provide. Just copy paste the code into your website from our tools page. The Nepali Calendar also consists of English dates on each day. We have provided Nepali Calendar codes for four different designs. The first design is Mini Nepali Calendar. Although its very small in size it is possible to see all the calendar dates along with festivals, bratabandha dates, marriage dates, holidays etc. Small Nepali Calendar Gadget is similar to mini Nepali Calendar. The only difference between mini Nepali Calendar and Small Nepali Calendar is their size. The third one is Big Nepali Calendar. It differs from Mini and Small Nepali Calendar thats because it provides tithi, festivals, events on the calendar days. There is slight variation in Big Extended Nepali Calendar with Big Nepali Calendar. In Extended Nepali Calendar the holidays,festivals, bratabanda dates, Pasni dates, Marriage dates are appended at the last of calendar. All these tools are available to embed on external websites in our utitlities page. See More..

Nepali Calendar Clock :

The clock provides the current Nepali Time. You can embed the clock in your webwite as well. To embed please visit our utilities page. There are various designs of the clock we provide. Some clock are large and some are small. Each clock provides the current date in Nepali as well as current time of Nepal. In small clock we have provided Nepali Time and Date in different way. To see Nepali Time and Date in small clock hover the mouse over the clock and you can get the current Nepali Date and Time.

Nepali Calendar Date Converter :

The Nepali date converter converts the Nepali Bikram Sambat date into English AD date and also from English AD date to Nepali Bikram Sambat date with day and tithi. You can also embed the Nepali Date Conversion tool into your website by coping the code we provide from our utilities page. The Nepali Calendar Date Converter is a free tool that can be used by any person living anywhere and can embed into their website without any delay. Nepali Date Converter can convert wide range of Dates. Nepali Date Converter is used especially for EDV Lottery filling applicants and also by the students going abroad. We provide very efficient and faster mechanism for converting dates between BS and AD. Nepali Date Converter

Nepali Calendar Festivals, Events and Holidays:

Nepal is rich in Festivals, Events and Holidays. Since, this is an official Nepali Calendar we have included all the festivals of 2079 Bikram Sambat. In addition to this we have included events and holidays list. We provide the exact date for the Nepali festivals, events and holidays as provided by the Ministry of Information Department of Nepal.

National Holidays:

Nepal is multicultural, ethnic and multi-lingual country. It consists of great festivals like Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Maghesankranti, Shivaratri, Eid, Chaath, Lhosar, Christmas Day, Mahabir Jayanti, Ghode Jatra, Biscit Jatra etc. There are many national holidays in Nepal. This calendar application provides the list of all the holidays of current year 2079 BS.

As Nepal is a multicultural country this calendar is also multicultural Calendar. This calendar includes the Nepali date simutaneously with the English dates on each day, month or year. Nepali Date Converter or Nepali Miti Pariwartan application can be used for date conversion from English (AD) to Nepali (BS) and vice versa. In addition we have made calendar, festivals, holidays, clock, date conversion tools available to everyone free of cost. Please don't forget to send us suggestions so that we can improve to serve you as much as possible.